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The Doctor

Dr. John Spencer, D.C.

Chiropractic Style and Philosophy

doctor John SpencerDr. Spencer's particular style of treatment began in chiropractic school where he was exposed to a wide variety of chiropractic treatment methods. He realized early on that his own body strongly gravitated towards any soft-tissue therapy that he received, and it especially made sense after learning anatomy and physiology that if you want to have maximum therapeutic impact upon the joints, then you should be addressing the tissues that make them move in the first place. Dr. Spencer has spent 15 years honing his technique, and has concluded that the combination of soft-tissue massage and chiropractic joint mobilization is the most powerful tool for treating most musculo-skeletal injuries.

The philosophy doesn't matter if you don't get results! That being said, Dr. Spencer's practice philosophy is to simply to treat his patients as he would wish to be treated himself. He spends extended one on one time with his patients, listening to them, and truly getting know them. He is relatable and caring with his patients and has great integrity. He answers questions in an honest, understandable manner. If he doesn't know the answer he'll point his patients in a direction that they might find the answer they're looking for. X-rays are rarely required, because in most cases they are not going to change the therapy protocol. Any X-rays deemed necessary are referred out to Pueblo Radiology, a facility that has access to the newest radiologic technology. Dr. Spencer believes chiropractic care is only one piece of the healthcare pie, and in the attempt to strike a healthy balance between mind, body and spiritual well-being, he openly refers to and shares care with other healthcare providers and fully supports his patients' personal preferences.


* 1996-Present Presiding doctor of Spencer Chiropractic, Santa Barbara, California

* 1995 - 1996 Treating doctor at Levy Chiropractic, Santa Barbara, California

* 1988 - 1992 Sheet metal construction at Kadlec Sheet Metal, Santa Barbara, California

* 1987 - 1988 Tourist submarine operator with Atlantis Submarine, U.S. Virgin Isles


* 1991 - 1995 Western States Chiropractic College, Portland, Oregon

* 1982 -1986 Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California


* 1995 Certificate of Doctor of Chiropractic graduating Magna Cum Laude

* 1995 Bachelor of science degree in human biology

* 2000 State of California Industrial Injury Evaluator and QME"qualified medical examiner"

* 1995 "Backsafe"workplace injury prevention consultant

* 1986 Associate of science degree in marine diving technologies

* 1986 Certified NAUI dive instructor with additional dive search and recovery certification